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  • How do I book a tour?

    Simply click on the orange "Book Now" button on the bottom right of each tour, choose a date and time, fill in your detials and then make direct payment online. Once you have completed this stage you will receive an email from us within 24 hours confirming your reservation.

  • Are Barcelona Overtime routes bus tours?

    No, Barcelona Overtime routes are usually walking tours. Sometimes we find using taxis or public transport (the metro or bus systems) are the best way to get around Barcelona. This transport is NOT included in the price of the tour. If your tour requires the use of public transport or taxis, this will be an additional cost. For large groups, we are also happy to arrange coach transport at an additional cost.

  • How do Barcelona Overtime routes differ from other standard tours?

    Our excursions are personal; we can take surprising detours along the way and see sites that are 'off the tourist track'. As we get to know you whilst we walk, we will consider your personal wishes and can give you suggestions of places we think may interest you.
    Our tours are guided by local architects who can expertly navigate through the city and offer their knowledge of the history, culture, geography and architecure of Barcelona. 
  • What's included in Barcelona Overtime routes?

    Our guide will meet you at your hotel or at an agreed meeting point, and return there with you at the end of the tour. Alternatively, we can give you some tips about the city and you can continue exploring by yourself once we have finished!
    All applicable museum entry fees are NOT included in the cost of the tour (VAT included). If you are part of a larger group and we need to rent a vehicle, we will add this cost to your itinerary.
    Last but not least, our expertise and passion for Barcelona and its architecture is included as an integral part of all Barcelona Overtime tours.Simply put, we want you to enjoy your Barcelona Overtime experience as much as we do!
  • How come Barcelona Overtime routes cost more than other tours?

    Barcelona Overtime group excursions are private. This means that the tour will only consist of you and your chosen group, and one of the professional architects from our team.Our architects will tailor your tour to you requests and interests, stop for coffee or food as you wish, and alter the route if desired. It's your personal and unique tour of Barcelona!
    Our "one by one" tours consist of reduced groups of only 3 to 8 people. This means that our customers can enjoy a more custom-made and comfortable tour without the burden of a large crowd.  
    Above all, our tours are run by skilled and knowledgeable architects with a unique perspective of the city. Our calm group atmosphere facilitates a constant flow of conversation and any questions you may have will be answered.
  • What if I am already in town and don't have time to wait for your response email?

    Don't worry. Just call us at +34 655 415 520 and we will do our best to arrange a visit for you as soon as possible.

  • What if I have a large group?

    Bring everyone along, however many of you there are! Just contact us and we will send you a quote.
    We have designed Barcelona Overtime excursions for graduate students from the Ecole Politechnique de Lausanne, a group of Norwegian real estate managers, Swedish furniture designers, and many other kinds of groups. Often these groups organized their own coach, and hired us to accompany them on their tour of Barcelona.
    We are also happy to hire a van or coach, and will add that cost to our fee.
  • Do you offer gift vouchers? How does it work?

    Yes we do offer gift vouchers. Just contact us on overtime@arquitecturareversible.org, and let us know which tour you would like to give as a gift (either one of our set tours or a tailor-made tours). Our gift vouchers come with an attractive gift card, which we will send to the recipient via post free of charge. You can either request a gift voucher for a particular tour, or for a set amount to be redeemed for any of our tours. All gift vouchers are valid for a year after the date of purchase. 
    To redeem the voucher, email or call us on +34 655 415 520 with the code on the back of your voucher and choose you tour, date and time. We will email you with the booking confirmation shortly afterwards.