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Barcelona and the Sea

Discover how the city has recently reconnected with the Mediterranean

Discover how the city has recently reconnected with the Mediterranean.  

After many years of difficult realtionships between the city and the sea, Barcelona has recently rebuilt its bond with its oldest companion: the Mediterranean. This route focuses on the emblatic architectural buildings  that have helped restore its connection. 

Explore the coastline's continuous beaches, its parks and public spaces, the Olympic village, cutting-edge new buildings, research centers, new hotels, company head-quarters and even the rebirth of the old fishing neighborhood. Experience Barcelona's new waterfront, one of the largest centres for both locals and tourists.  

Barcelona and The Sea Tour higlights include

  • The old harbour and the its uses
  • Barceloneta, a fishing town and the new beaches
  • Towers and public park
  • Science, leisure and culture


Info & booking

private group tours

duration: 3 hours
max no. of persons: 8
price of the route: 220 € (VAT included)

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