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Barcelona, what's new?

The most contemporary architecture and innovative public spaces in Barcelona

Over the last ten years, the old industrial district of Barcelona has undergone an interesting urban, economic and social transformation. The former industrial area of the city has been revitalized by an ambitious project without loosing its old charm. A new neighborhood was created that adapted to the challenges of modernity.  

This area now boasts clean industries, research centers, and companies involved in the world of communication and new technologies. This innovative network combines facilities and public spaces with restored industrial heritage and new housing. We will visit luxurious modern buildings, old factories converted into creative art centers, spaces for students and elderly people; demonstrating the new art of living and working.

Barcelona What's New Tour highlights include

  • The new 22@ district
  • Agbar Tower, new icon of the city
  • Audiovisual Campus
  • MediaTIC, the controversial eco-building, also called the "Digital Pedrera"

Info & booking

private group tours

duration: 2,5 hours
max no. of persons: 8
price of the route: 220 € (VAT included)

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