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Cerdá and the Eixample Plan

Cerdá and the Eixample Plan

Barcelona´s expansion during XIX century, a progressive and visonary urban project

Eixample's modernization plan has recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Despite initial critique by professionals and citizens, the new Eixample now reflects the city's spirit and character. The area of Eixample is Barcelona.

This walking tour aims to discuss the validity of this extremely innovative and controversial master plan, which still suits the lifestyle of a contemporary city: easy mobility and democratic ideals, all key values of Cerdá.

We will explore the city's urban grid, discovering the various lifestyles within it and focusing on how Cerdá's vision has impacted on the city.

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private group tours

duration: 2,5 hours
max no. of persons: 8
price of the route: 220 € (VAT included)

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